Strategies to Enable and Simplify HPLC Polar Compound Separation

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This on-demand webinar provides solutions for tackling the most difficult HPLC polar compound analyses using a variety of food and pharma applications. If you would like to know how even the most difficult analyses can be simplified watch now. 

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When it comes to the HPLC analysis of polar water-soluble compounds by reversed-phase chromatography, things can get complicated and method simplification and reproducibility becomes even more important.

Polar water-soluble compounds are generally difficult to retain on hydrocarbon based (n-octyl or octadecyl) stationary phases and the separation of a mixture of water-soluble compounds on such types of columns can be challenging.

Many of us know or use methods that utilize ion-pairing mobile phase techniques to enable the retention and separation of polar analytes. However, many ion-pairing mobile phases are complicated and difficult to control.

PhD Matthew Przybyciel, R&D Leader at PerkinElmer will present how, even the most difficult analyses, can be simplified and demonstrate how the latest in column developments can enable easier and faster HPLC analysis of polar compounds for an end-to-end workflow solution that can improve your lab productivity.

By viewing this presentation you will learn...

  • ways to tackle the most difficult HPLC polar compund analyses
  • which columns are best suited for polar compounds
  • how to simplify methods and avoid the use of ion-pairing mobile phases
  • examples for a variety of food and pharma applications that require the retention and separation of polar compounds.

Plus Application and Technical Notes

consumables compendiumIn addition, the application and technical notes listed below are available to download.

  • Technical Notes: Comparison of Epic C18 and C8 HPLC Columns for the Analysis of Neutral Compounds
  • Specifications Sheet: Clone HPLC Columns
  • Specifications Sheet: Epic HPLC-UHPLC Column Phase
  • Interactive Brochure: HPLC and UHPLC Column Portfolio
  • Flyers: LC Column Manufacturing Quality Focus Program — Reproducible Columns Time After Time

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Published  Jun 28, 2022

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