On-Demand Presentation

TO-15A: Is your pre-concentrator system up to the task?

Discover how to reach method detection limits for 20 ppt for all environmental 'air toxics' compounds as laid out in USA EPA Method TO-15A.

By viewing this presentation, you will learn:

  • The changes necessary for achieving TO-15A defensible data

Event Overview

Method TO-15A, for the monitoring of air toxics, was released in 2020 and lowers the required method detection limit for all compounds covered by the method to 20 ppt. This new, lower detection limit level challenges every aspect of the sampling and analysis process, especially blank levels. Background generated by instrumentation and sampling equipment has always been monitored for air toxic analysis, but these extremely low detection limits enhance the associated demands on the analyst.

In this on-demand presentation, we will show how the use of the UNITY-CIA Advantage-xr, a canister autosampler and pre-concentrator, combined with Kori-xr for innovative water removal enables a robust analysis at a range of humidities, in accordance with US EPA Method TO-15A. Within this, we will demonstrate how the analytical instrument overcomes the challenges related to the low detection limits and background and discuss the obstacles involved in extending this method to new species of concern such as ethylene oxide.

Who should watch?

  • Researchers interested in monitoring of volatile organic compounds in air
  • Laboratory and project managers specializing in air samples and air monitoring
  • GC-MS scientists, analysts, and lab technicians
  • Environmental consultants

What you need to know:

Format: On-demand

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes


Ericka Hachmeister
North America Applications Scientist, Markes International Ltd

Ericka Hachmeister is the North America Applications Scientist for Markes International Ltd. Ericka spent 11 years working in R&D and manufacturing focused on organic, surface, and compositional analysis, where she developed a passion for VOC analysis by TD–GC–MS from complex matrices. In 2021, Ericka joined Markes, where she has had the opportunity to expand her TD expertise to include canister-based analysis by developing a high throughput method that is TO-15A compliant. Ericka leverages her comprehensive knowledge on the use of thermal desorption as an analytical tool to support customer labs in the development and successful implementation of robust applications for cryogen-free analysis of VOCs.


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