Using thin film solid-phase microextraction for various sample types

by | Apr 9, 2019

Learn more about the applications of TF-SPME as an extension of regular SPME, being simple to use and requiring no solvent, yet being more sensitive than regular...

Would you like to learn about a new extraction technique that provides a valuable extension to regular solid-phase microextraction? If so, this on-demand webinar will teach you all about the benefits of thin film solid-phase microextraction (TF-SPME) and how it can be applied to different sample types. Application examples in this webinar include environmental, food and beverage.



What does it cover?

This webinar focuses on the use of TF-SPME for the analysis of a variety of sample types. Thin Film Solid- Phase Microextraction (TF-SPME) is an extension of regular SPME. It is simple to use and requires no solvent, yet it is more sensitive than regular SPME due to the increased surface area and phase volume.

The TF-SPME device is a 20 mm x 4.8 mm carbon mesh sheet that is impregnated with a sorptive phase. The TF-SPME devices can be used in headspace or immersive modes. In headspace mode, the TF-SPME device is suspended above a solid or liquid sample in an enclosed vial. In immersive mode, it is placed directly in a liquid sample. In both cases, the sample is agitated by stirring. After extraction, the devices are blotted dry and placed in an empty thermal desorption tube. They are analyzed by thermal desorption GC/MS.

By viewing this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • a new extraction technique and how it can be applied to different sample types
  • more about the TF-SPME device and how it can be used in headspace and immersive modes.

The Presenter

Jack_Stuff_80Jack Stuff, Ph.D.
(Manager of the Analytical Services Group - GERSTEL Inc.)

Dr. Jack Stuff develops automated methods for sample preparation and introduction for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. He develops and teaches customer training classes, conducts new product testing, and supports pre- and post-sales opportunities. He provides expert analytical support to a wide customer base including, food, flavor, fragrance, forensic, environmental, and chemical industries.


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