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Gas Chromatography


In this section you'll find a selection of valuable learning materials relating to the use and application of gas chromatography and GC/MS, including technical articles, applications, webinars and eSeminars.



The Use of Thermal Desorption for the Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols

Presenters:  Justin Frosina (British American Tobacco, UK) & Caroline Widdowson (Markes International, UK)
Sponsor:  Markes International


Make Productivity Happen through Better GC Connections

Presenters:  Rachael Simon and Vanessa Abercrombie (Agilent Technologies, USA)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


Direct Analysis of Food and Beverages using SPME-GC-MS/MS - No Sample Cleanup, Automated and Highly Specific

Presenters:  Elena Ciceri (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Italy)
Sponsor:  Thermo Fisher Scientific


Practical Experiences with Agilent’s GC/MS/MS Pesticide Analyzer: Increasing the Scope and Performance of Pesticide Testing Made Accessible to Everyone

Presenters:  Britt Maestroni (Food and Environmental Protection Laboratory, Vienna, Austria)
Sponsor:  Agilent Technologies


GC Solutions

GC solutions #37: Inlet Liners – Part 2

In this issue we continue the discussion of inlet liners with a focus on liner outer diameter.


GC Solutions #38: Inlet Liners – Part 3

This month we continue our liner discussion with a focus on liner volume.


GC Solutions #36: Inlet Liners – Part 1

Selecting an appropriate inlet liner from the myriad available liner choices is a daunting task, especially when there is little qualified technical information about what differentiates them in terms of actual performance. This month we start discussing aspects of GC inlet liner design and associated selection criteria.


GC Solutions #35: Activity and Decomposition

Although gas chromatography has many positive attributes as an analytical tool, its incompatibility with labile and active compounds is certainly one of its biggest weaknesses. This month we discuss evidence of sample decomposition and what we might do to improve the results.


GC Solutions #34: Split Sample Introduction – Part 2: Measuring Flows, Liner Choice

Continuing our saga of split sample introduction, this month we discuss measuring gas flows and liner selection for split injections.



A Single-Column Application For the GC Determination of Benzene in Reformulated Gasoline using a Supelco SLB-IL111 Ionic Liquid Column

The amount of benzene in gasoline is a concern because it is a known human carcinogen, and exposure to it has been linked to detrimental health effects. The challenge with the analysis lies in the complex composition of gasoline, which consists of hundreds of different compounds.


Improved Resolution of Triazine Herbicides with Kinetex Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC Columns and Zebron GC Columns

Environmental laboratories are continuously pushed to deliver lower detection levels and faster sample throughput. A common analysis performed by these labs is triazine herbicides. This analysis can be performed by LC/MS/MS or GC/MS, for which Kinetex core-shell UHPLC/HPLC columns and Zebron GC columns provide resolution and sensitivity improvements as well as time savings.


Product Updates

Parker domnick hunter wins the Golden Gas Award at Chicago’s Pittcon

Parker domnick hunter has won a prestigious Golden Gas 2014 Award for its UHP Zero Nitrogen Gas Generator at the Pittcon conference and expo in Chicago.


RESTEK: Rt®-Silica BOND Columns

Restek’s Rt ®-Silica BOND columns are robust, versatile, selective PLOT columns that offer excellent performance for the analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, and halocarbons above ambient temperature...


View the on-demand presentations including:

Automated Malt Analysis using Discrete Analyzers
by Aaron McLeod

Direct Analysis of Food and Beverages using SPME-GC-MS/MS - No Sample Cleanup, Automated and Highly Specific
by Elena Ciceri

HPAE-PAD for Prebiotic Ingredient Characterizations
by Parul Angrish & Manali Aggrawal

Applying ICP-MS to Speciation and Quantitative Analysis of Arsenic in Foodstuffs and Beverages
by Antonio Signes-Pastore & Simon Nelms