Accelerating Large Molecule LC-MS Method Development

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Separation Science, in collaboration with SCIEX, brings you an on-demand version of the webinar 'Accelerating Large Molecule LC-MS Method Development' by Ian Moore (Pharma applications at SCIEX).


This presentation will demonstrate how to achieve rapid development of sensitive and selective peptide bioanalytical methods that are required to support the expanding protein component of pharmaceutical companies’ drug pipeline.

Choosing the best MRM for a large molecule peptide or protein is a challenge because multiple charge states are possible, and the many product ion possibilities leave many MRMs to be screened. Manual tuning is tedious, and optimizing for sensitivity via LC injections is time-consuming when monitoring multiple MRMs per peptide, and multiple peptides per protein.

By viewing this presentation you will...

  • Learn the advantages of an automated workflow for large molecule characterization and optimization.
  • Receive an overview of how to use DiscoveryQuant™ software for peptide tuning and optimization.

Ian_Moore_60.pngIan Moore
(Global Technical Marketing Manager, Pharma applications at SCIEX)

Learn how to create an automated workflow that will help you develop sensitive and selective large molecule quantitation methods quickly and efficiently>>

Published  Feb 14, 2017

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