Analysing mycotoxins in hemp-derived CBD oils by LC-MS/MS

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Struggling with mycotoxin analysis in CBD oils? Need some method development help with your sample preparation and chromatography? Why not register for the 'Analytical Testing Strategies for Medical Use Cannabis' eSeminar to find out more...

CBDOilImageMycotoxins, secondary metabolites produced by fungi, are among the most toxic contaminants in cannabis and other agricultural products that can cause disease and death in humans and other animals. In the analysis of mycotoxins, using immunoaffinity columns (IACs) to reduce matrix effects and eliminate potential sources of interference for LC-MS/MS analysis is common. When not used, significant matrix interferences have been shown to elute near target mycotoxins resulting in an adverse effect on measured ion ratios. 

JSteimlingSeparation Science, in collaboration with Restek, has developed an eSeminar covering analytical methods for medical cannabis analysis. As part of this event Justin Steimling will give a presentation that will look at alternative approaches to IACs including dilute-and-shoot, dispersive solid phase extraction (dSPE) and pass-through SPE which are evaluated and applied to the analysis of aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin B2, aflatoxin G1, aflatoxin G2, and ochratoxin A in commercially available hemp-derived CBD oils by LC-MS/MS. LC conditions were developed that provide the necessary resolution and sensitivity to achieve low limits of detection with a rapid time of analysis. Careful consideration was given to the ease, cost, and robustness of the complete workflow solution. 

Attendees will be presented with the challenges associated with the analysis of mycotoxins in CBD oils.  In order to overcome these hurdles, attendees will be presented with strategies for method development that includes valuable insight to both chromatography and sample preparation.

Published  Aug 23, 2018

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