Determine hazardous materials and narcotics from a safe distance

by | Jul 27, 2018

The new Mira DS handheld Raman system from Metrohm enables hazardous materials, explosives and narcotics to be identified safely and quickly

The new Mira DS handheld Raman system from Metrohm uniquely addresses the need of first responders. Mira DS enables them to quickly and accurately identify hazardous material and narcotics from a safe distance.

Mira DS is the new handheld material identification system from Metrohm. Mira DS enables first responders to quickly and safely identify hazardous materials and explosives at the touch of a screen. While providing ease of use and speed, Mira DS addresses the need for safety of drug task force officers, HazMat teams, and bomb technicians in particular. Drug task force officers, for example, may identify substances in glass bottles or plastic containers, even from a distance of up to 1.5 meters using the Standoff Sampling Attachment, or with no concern of proper focus using the Contact Ball Probe Sampling Attachment.

Discover how the Mira DS can provide in-field identification of illicit substances and explosives faster and safer than ever

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