[eSeminar] Analytical Strategies for Food Quality and Safety

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Are you looking for powerful, robust methods to overcome your food analysis challenges? If so, this on-demand e-seminar, brought to you by Separation Science in collaboration with Markes International, offers some solutions.

Format: On-demand

Duration: approximately 120 mins

The global scientific community faces ever increasing demands for faster, more accurate and sensitive analytical testing methods for food authenticity, quality and safety. In this on-demand e-seminar industry experts discuss the common problems associated with sample preparation for a variety of food applications. They discuss how these have been overcome using a powerful combination of sample extraction and enrichment, with both 1D and 2D GC coupled with mass spectrometry.

The presentations include:

Enhancing the Performance of SPME for the Fingerprinting of Olive Oil Volatiles
Giorgia Purcaro (University of Liège, Belgium)

Watch to learn:

  • a new method that enhances the performance of headspace-SPME for the analysis of oils quality
  • multiple-cumulative trapping SPME to optimise total VOC/SVOC profile of olive oils followed by GCMS analysis.

Detailed Chemical Fingerprinting of Tea by Comprehensive GCxGC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation
Chiara Cordero (University of Turin, Italy)

Watch to learn:

  • how GCxGC can help to differentiate tea cultivars and their grown conditions
  • about the benefits of adding an extra-dimesion to your data by using Tandem ionization TOF-MS to gain confidence in the profiling of samples

GC×GC for Enhanced Profiling of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters of Avocado Fruits
Taylor Hayward (Apeel Sciences, Goleta, California, USA)

Watch to learn:

  • comprehensive analysis of fruit quality according to ripening period and country of origin
  • advanced data mining by ChromSpace to characterise avocados ripening and country of origin

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