Facilitating Data Integrity & Compliance

by | Nov 23, 2021

This forum will focus on data integrity and compliance, particularly in the context of QA/QC, development, and manufacturing.

Separation Science collaborates with industry thought leaders in a series of expert presentation and discussion forums - 'Advancing Pharmaceutical Technologies'. Presenting events that enable molecular spectroscopy approaches to key challenges in the pharmaceutical development space. Each forum will feature presentations and discussions between industry thought leaders, addressing current state-of-the-art molecular spectroscopy innovations and workflow productivity improvements across pharmaceutical development. 

Part3 of this series will focus on facilitating data integrity & compliance.


Facilitating Data Integrity & Compliance

Date: 30 November, 2021
Start Times:
Broadcast #1: 12pm Singapore / 3pm Sydney
Broadcast #2: 10am London / 11am Paris / 3.30pm Mumbai
Broadcast #3: 12pm PDT / 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT

This expert presentation and discussion forum will focus on data integrity and compliance, particularly in the context of QA/QC, development, and manufacturing. Experts will highlight why technology companies need to put the customer at the heart of innovation, to ensure the development of solutions not just products. They will examine how different technology can offer benefits for regulatory compliance, with specific examples of how instrumentation, data integrity and compliance have been combined to provide effective solutions.

The event will begin with presentations covering:

Regulatory Focus Covering Data Integrity and Compliance
Looking at FDA 483s as an example - why do technology companies need to think ‘total solution’, and the benefits of an automated/compliant process for result generation.

Technology Innovation to Real World Solution
Using the Cary 3500 as an example, looking at the development of a solution to overcome a specific challenge – integration of hardware/software, faster/smarter analyser.

Following the short presentations will be an insightful panel discussion addressing:

  • Customer is key – solutions not products
  • Automation and integration benefits
  • Data integrity and compliance (avoiding FDA 483s)
  • Meeting the industry needs for faster/smarter analysers
  • Help beyond the technology – Agilent offerings
  • Future of the technology – how COVID is shaping developments.

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