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by | Mar 23, 2021

Forensics Ebook – Novel psychoactive substance: Staying ahead of the curve, plus access SCIEX's forensics resource hub with posters, application notes and presentations.

Upload complete: Access 6 new forensic resources now as we want to ensure that you have access to the cutting-edge science SCIEX is working on. You can learn more about our innovative mass spectrometry solutions, and about how we help to break new ground in scientific discovery.

SCIEX Forensics Resource HubUnlock new application notes and videos on:

  • High-sensitivity detection of forensic drug panels in human whole blood
  • Intelligently designed SWATH® Acquisition for novel psychoactive substance (NPS) detection in whole blood
  • Forensic authentication of hemp-derived products using a dual mass spectrometry-UV detection approach

Also, access the resource hub to immediately receive the following presentation videos and the downloadable scientific posters:

  • Advancing forensic DUID screening with mass spectrometry
  • Single-injection screening of 664 forensic toxicology compounds using an innovative benchtop high resolution mass spectrometer
  • Picogram detection of the marijuana metabolite THC-COOH in hair samples using an efficient and sensitive LC-MS/MS analysis workflow
  • Quantitative analysis of fentanyl analogues in human whole blood utilizing improved throughput with multiplexing technology
  • Ultra-sensitive forensic analysis workflow of cocaine and metabolites in hair samples using LC-MS/MS
  • Streamlining unknown screening for postmortem analysis
  • Improving analytical throughput using automated carryover monitoring
  • Single injection targeted screening for DUID testing -98 acidic and basic drugs in human whole blood
  • Rapid and sensitive detection of 8 organic explosives in soil

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RUO-MKT-10-11448-A, RUO-MKT-10-8409-B, RUO-MKT-02-9989-A, RUO-MKT-02-11427-A, RUO-MKT-02-10589-B, RUO-MKT-02-9780-A

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SCIEX Wiley Libraries Info Kit

Wiley libraries

New designer drugs are flooding today’s market with alarming speed. These drugs are so volatile that a simple tweak of a molecule could create an entirely different substance altogether. For this reason, your laboratory needs tools that enable you to rapidly and accurately detect as well as identify these substances.

The Wiley libraries provide the tools you need to identify drugs, poisons and psychoactive substances in the field today, and the Wiley libraries info kit from SCIEX helps you get the most out of these tools.

Related to RUO-MKT-18-10129-A

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