FTIR Spectrophotometers to Simplify Analysis and Provide Outstanding Expandability

by | Feb 13, 2018

Shimadzu introduces its IRSpirit series with two new models serving different needs

Shimadzu has introduced its IRSpirit series of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers, the IRSpirit-T and IRSpirit-L compact-sized models, designed to simplify analysis and provide outstanding expandability.


Shimadzu_IRSpiritSeries.pngPrimary Markets
Acquiring high-quality data, the IRSpirit series is primarily marketed to pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, and academic institutions.

More about the IRSpirit Series
The new systems provide the same sample compartment width as Shimadzu’s standard model while being only one third of its size. They are reported to be the smallest (footprint) and lightest FTIR systems capable of using either Shimadzu’s accessories or optional products from other manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Space-efficient and flexible 
    - due to very small footprint and large sample compartment for accessories
  • IRPilot program with 23 application-specific workflows
    - allows easy and quick analysis even for unexperienced users
  • Large choice of accessories
    - cover a wide range of applications

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