JEOL has introduced a probe for NMR analysis of fluorinated compounds prevalent in many new pharmaceutical products.

The ROYAL HFX can automatically switch between single-tune and dual-tune modes on the high frequency coil without compromising single tune performance. The probe can be used with routine 2-channel spectrometers or with 3-channel systems for expanded capabilities.

Operating in single tune mode, the patent-pending JEOL ROYAL HFX probe has the same high performance for sensitivity and pulse widths as the current standard JEOL ROYAL NMR probe. Operating the HFX probe in dual-tune mode allows for a wide variety of advanced 1H and 19F NMR experiments including 1H{19F}, 19F{1H}, 13C{1H,19F}, X{1H,19F}, and many unique 13C{1H,19F}, or X{1H, 19F} correlation experiments to simplify spectral assignments of modern complex fluorine containing compounds for the pharmaceutical and polymer industries. The Low Frequency X coil is not limited to 13C, but can be tuned to any nucleus between 31P and 15N with the same experimental flexibility as 13C experiments; a feature unique to the JEOL Royal HFX NMR Probe.

For more than 50 years, JEOL has been known for its NMR expertise and support. The new generation of JEOL ECZ NMR systems feature compact spectrometers and space-saving actively-shielded magnets. The JEOL ECZ series NMR recently received the "Good Design Award 2016" in Japan from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Models range from an entry-level NMR Spectrometer at 400 MHz to expandable, high performance research grade NMR Spectrometers from 400 MHz to as high as 1.2 GHz. JEOL offers a wide variety of NMR probes and continues to develop new probe technology for its state-of-the-art NMR product line.


Published  Apr 25, 2017

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