At LECO’S GC×GC Workshop & Symposium (filmed at the LECO European Application and Training Centre, Berlin, Germany) Dr. Diane Turner gave a talk entitled "Selectivity: Where, When, and How to Use It!" The talk covers techniques for sample analysis, selectivity in choosing the right technical setup (column choice, inlet parameters etc.), and also data analysis optimization.

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The presented content is related to applications in the field of GC×GC technology.

By viewing this presentation you will learn more about:

  • insights in GC×GC and TOF technology
  • sample collection and preparation
  • analyte separation and detection
  • technical setup and data analysis
  • solutions for GCxGC technology.

About the presenter

DianeTurnerDr Diane Turner is Senior Consultant and Director at Anthias Consulting Ltd., Consultant at The Open University and President-Elect of the Analytical Division at the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Published  Jan 16, 2020

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