[On-demand Webinar] What It Takes to Achieve a Good Chromatography

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Separation Science, in collaboration with Waters, offers an on-demand webinar comprising two presentations looking first at column attributes and how to gain a better understanding of how best to select a column for a specific application and second, the importance of mobile phase selection in the separation process. 


The on-demand webinar presentation details are as follows:

  • Column Attributes: What’s Really Important for Chromatography?
    by Jonathan E. Turner (Waters Corporation)
    In this presentation we’ll look at the key attributes of both the base particle and bonded chemistry, and how they contribute to the separation. By understanding these column attributes, we can gain a better understanding on how best to select a column for a specific application.

  • Back to Basics: Mobile Phase Selection in HPLC and UHPLC
    by Tony Edge (Hichrom)
    This presentation will discuss the impact that the mobile phase can have on selectivity in reversed phase chromatography, the use of isocratic and gradient elution systems, and also approaches to method development using a scouting gradient.


By attending this webinar you will... 

  • gain an understanding of different column particle technologies, their specific attributes and influences on chromatographic separation
  • learn about the effect of mobile phase on selectivity and its use in method development.



Jonathan_Turner_100Jonathan Turner (Principal Product Marketing Manager, Analytical Columns, Waters Corporation)
Jonathan is the Product Marketing Manager for analytical UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC columns at Waters Corporation. In this role, he uses his expertise in chromatographic media to help design, develop, and commercialize new modern stationary phases.

Tony_Edge_100Tony Edge (Site Director - Production & R&D, Hichrom)
Tony Edge is an R&D Manager at Avantor Sciences, heading a team of specialist scientists in developing next-generation stationary phases for HPLC. He has worked in both manufacturing and also industry. 

Published  Jun 30, 2021

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