A biopharma collaboration – NIBRT and Thermo Fisher Scientific

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ScreenShot_HubHomeBiopharmaceuticals represent protein molecules produced by genetically engineered living cells using large scale industrial bioprocessing. The complexity of these molecules requires advanced analytical characterisation strategies to ensure that biopharmaceuticals are produced to the highest possible quality level. A collaboration between Thermo Fisher Scientific and the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), based in Dublin, is focused on the development of analytical solutions for the characterisation of complex biopharmaceuticals.

This collaboration involves NIBRT developing workflows on the Thermo Scientific biomolecule column range in conjunction with the company's liquid chromatography systems and high-resolution mass spectrometers.

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Jonathan Bones, principal NIBRT investigator, NIBRT’s said, “This collaboration is important because it enables our team to access Thermo Fisher’s world leading columns and analytical instrumentation to develop total analytical solutions and streamline the characterisation of complex biopharmaceuticals. The availability of total analytical solutions to scientists across the world is empowering and motivates us at NIBRT to continually perform excellent impactful research.”

“NIBRT is an independent centre of excellence with collaborations across the major biopharmaceutical companies in the industry. This allows them to provide valuable insights to improve the technology, simplify analysis, generate informative characterisation data and understand these complex molecules -- ultimately enabling scientists to move from sample to knowledge quickly and efficiently.” said Jakob Gudbrand, president of chromatography and analytical technologies at Thermo Fisher.

NIBRT’s workflows and methods will be uploaded to the Thermo Scientific AppsLab library, a unique cloud-based applications compendium that enables scientists across the globe to access and download these total analytical solutions directly to their instruments enabling them to simplify their analysis, generate highly informative characterisation data faster and understand their complex molecules better.

“We are delighted to be working with Thermo Fisher,” said Dominic Carolan, CEO, NIBRT. “World class collaborations such as this are testament to Ireland’s emergence as a global centre of excellence in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.”

NIBRT is a global centre of excellence for training and research in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. NIBRT is located in a world class facility in Dublin, Ireland. This facility is purpose built to closely replicate a modern bioprocessing plant with state-of the art equipment and enables NIBRT to offer the highest quality training and research solutions. NIBRT's mission is to support the growth and development of all aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry in Ireland by becoming the global leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing research, education and training. This mission will be achieved by performing high impact, world class, industry aligned research in all aspects of bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, therapeutic protein characterisation, compliance and regulation and by designing, developing and delivering best-in-class education and training solutions across all levels to national and international students and workforces.

Published  Apr 17, 2019

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