This study from Issue 13 of the Analytix Reporter demonstrates the applicability of the new Supel™ Swift HLB solid phase extraction (SPE) material to efficiently clean-up urine samples for LC-MS/MS analysis of opioids. The 96-well format is optimal for clinical and other such laboratories working in a high-throughput environment.

Forensics_AR13Supel™ Swift HLB SPE is a new, proprietary, and patent pending copolymer having both hydrophilic and lipophilic functional groups. It is intended for use as a sorbent material in solid phase extractions (SPE) prior to instrumental analysis, such as LC-MS/ MS. The dual polarity of Supel™ Swift HLB makes it ideal for extracting a broad range of compounds from aqueous matrices and is appropriate for samples in food & environmental applications as well as biological samples such as urine, serum, and plasma. The hydrophilic and lipophilic balanced (HLB) property of the polymer material enables the retention of a broad spectrum of compounds having a wide range of polarities and log P values (-0.9 - to 4.7).

In this study, we demonstrate the clean-up of urine samples by HLB solid phase extraction for the analysis of opioids via LC-MS/ MS. The 96-well SPE format utilized is optimal for clinical and other laboratories working in a high-throughput environment.

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The study demonstrates the utility of this SPE phase to prepare urine samples for the analysis of a series of pain management drugs readily available as a premade mixture. No post-extraction concentration or dry down of samples was required. The relative recoveries of the analytes were in the range of 73-105% with one exception of buprenorphine. The reproducibility across the entire plate was excellent with ≤7.2% RSD. Minimum matrix effects (±10%) were observed after Supel Swift HLB SPE cleanup. The developed SPE method can be applied to analyze a wider range of analytes in urine.


Published  Jan 11, 2023

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