Applications for Food, Flavor and Fragrance Testing

by | Mar 13, 2023

Let your senses take flight with this Food, Flavor & Fragrance Testing Applications eBook

The 'Let Your Senses Take Flight with LECO' eBook, produced by Separation Science, in collaboration with LECO provides a selection of applications for food and flavor testing, and aroma profiling that use cutting-edge technology and software. 


The study of food, flavor, and aromas is critical to many industries globally, and equipping laboratories with the tools needed to achieve this is a serious challenge. In the 'Let Your Senses Take Flight with LECO' eBook, produced by Separation Science, in collaboration with LECO you will find out how, with the Pegasus® series of GC- and GCxGC- TOF-MS technology, you can do more than just run your samples. 

Download this eBook to learn about:

  • the latest methods for aroma profiling of beverages and food products  
  • methods for characterization and comparison of whisky aroma profiles
  • using hydrogen carrier gas for the analysis of essential oils
  • resolving the issue of cork taint and aroma variation in wines
  • combining olfactory detectors with GC-MS technology
  • differentiating and evaluating pesto products
  • characterizing different CBD beverages
  • improving flavors in vegetarian foods using GCxGC-MS

Plus access a series of related webinars

In this series of webinars, Ray Marsilli talks about combining olfactory detectors with GC-MS technology, Unilever research scientists Hans-Gerd Janssen and Ed Rosing explain how the revolutionary ChromaTOF® Tile comparison tool is being used to make better-tasting vegetarian food options, McCormick & Company’s Marlene Moskowitz breaks down product flavor profiles and the importance of origins, and LECO’s laboratories touch on just about everything from cork taint to stereoisomers. See for yourself how the right tools can speed up your lab, making it more efficient with time and resources, and more confident with results. 

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