Food Mass Spectrometry: Towards An All-In-One-Approach

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Food Analysis spoke to Roberto Romero-González from the University of Almería, Spain about his insights into the role of mass spectrometry in ensuring food safety.

Food_Mass_SpectrometryIn recent years mass spectrometry (MS) has been widely used to ensure food safety, linking social requirements and analytical outputs. Basically, when MS is coupled to chromatographic techniques, either liquid (LC) or gas chromatography (GC), this hyphenation is considered the reference one to ensure food safety, because it combines the separation capacity of the chromatographic techniques with the identification power of MS. It has several applications as detection, assignment, confirmation, quantification and elucidation of compounds in food matrices. Therefore, it has been successfully implemented in food testing laboratories because it has several advantages such as robustness, reliability and sensitivity among others.

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Published  Apr 26, 2021

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