The complexity of today’s food supply chains has greatly increased the scope of analysis and scrutiny required to ensure the safety and authenticity of crops and food end products.

Solve more food contaminant challenges together. Products are grown and processed in widely differing
environments under a variety of regulatory frameworks, travel thousands of miles, are kept in various storage conditions, experience temperature fluctuations that may affect shelf life, and are handled by many different people.

While innovations in agricultural practices and food processing aim to overcome evolving challenges, such as rising global temperatures and the increasing global population, magnifying the risks of various contaminants and increasing the likelihood of new contaminants emerging, some can unfortunately introduce compounds of toxicological concern into our foodstuffs as well. Modern testing laboratories require high-throughput workflows that maintain stringent standards at a low cost, while also expanding testing services to include emerging analytes of concern. 

This 'Food Contaminant Analysis Compendium' provides a collection of application notes organised by category. Application notes include:

Mycotoxins and biotoxins

Pesticide residues

Veterinary drug residues 

Persistent organic pollutants and dioxins 

Packaging migration and contact material contaminants 

Authenticity and adulteration 


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Published  Jun 30, 2023

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