Looking to improve the yield and purity of your target proteins? Then don't miss this on-demand presentation...

Webinar2_Thumb.pngThe objective of this presentation, given by Åke Danielsson (Research Director, GE Healthcare Life Sciences) is how to achieve sufficient resolution, recovery and reproducibility in protein purification, and to avoid common pitfalls during the process. What is covered applies equally to tagged protein purification, as it does to antibody purification and membrane protein purification for example.

The talk will begin by looking at the key parameters for a successful protein purification before addressing the main components of the system, being:

  • the chromatography medium
  • the column
  • the chromatography system
  • the sample

By viewing this presentation you will learn about how to:

  • improve the yield and purity of the target protein
  • make sure the chromatography system runs smoothly leading to increased lab efficiency and better results

Published  Aug 21, 2017

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