Speed Up Your Biologics Characterization Workflows: Download Now

by | Feb 14, 2017

The SCIEX Biologics Analytical Characterization Compendium will teach you how to speed up your routine workflows and to simplify your challenges.

With the number of new biologics being approved each year quadrupling since 2004-2008, biotherapeutics have become an important segment in the pharmaceutical industry. SCIEX has prepared for this market dynamic by developing innovative technologies to enable scientists to perform routine biologics analyses faster, and provide next level tools to answer the difficult questions easier.

Comprehensive Biotherapeutic Characterization 



Better information, better decisions:

SCIEX Biologics Analytical Characterization Compendium 

Download the SCIEX Biologics Analytical Characterization Compendium today to learn how to speed your routine workflows, and to simplify your challenges.

Read about the latest LC-MS, CESI-MS, Capillary Electrophoresis and software advances to facilitate:

  • Enhanced Intact Molecular Weight Determination
  • Rapid Peptide and Disulfide Bond Mapping
  • Purity and Heterogeneity Analysis
  • Glycosylation and Glycan Analysis
  • Host Cell Protein Detection
  • Biosimilar Comparability

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