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Trends and Applications in the Analysis of Biotherapeutics & Biosimilars


Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent Technologies, has developed an eSeminar covering analytical trends and novel applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry to the characterization of biotheapeutics and biosimilars. View all the presentations on-demand now...

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Featured Applications

Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Milk Using SPME and GC-MS/MS

Shimadzu_March17.pngThis application note describes development of a fully automated SPME extraction method combined with GC-MS/MS analysis for detection and quantitation of OP pesticides in a complex milk matrix.

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On-demand Webinar

Ionic Metabolites: A Challenge for IC-MS?

DetlefJensen_Web.pngpresented by Dr Detlef Jensen
This presentation will present the practical considerations of coupling an IC with an MS, how this could be easily achieved and the advantages offered for the analysis of ionic metabolites...

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Innovative Cryogen-free Ambient Air Monitoring in Compliance with US EPA Method TO-15

Markes_April17.pngThis application note describes the GC–MS analysis of humidified canister ‘air toxics’ samples at various relative humidities, using cryogen-free systems for thermal desorption preconcentration.

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