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Intelligent GC Systems: Remote Operations and the Future of GC

8 & 9 October, 2019

George Reiner and Jason Ashe

This webinar discusses the progression of smart GC features and the many benefits provided from the first GC systems to those of today. It will help you to help to increase lab productivity and reduce unplanned downtime.

Characterization of Volatiles in Post-consumer Recycled Plastics Using TD-GC×GC–TOF MS

17 October 2019

Dr Shayne Green and Dr Chris Siegler (R&D, Dow Inc.)

This webinar will show how thermal desorption (TD) coupled with comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TD-GC×GC-TOF MS) can provide fast and confident characterisation of complex odour profiles from PCRs.

Turning up the Heat on Gas Chromatography: How to Successfully Perform High Temperature GC Applications without Breaking a Sweat

23 & 24 October, 2019

Vanessa Abercrombie (Gas Chromatography Applications Chemist, Agilent, USA)

This webinar discusses the effect temperatures above 360 °C have on the integrity of the column phase and outlines strategies for more efficient and successful high temperature applications.

Better Thermal Extraction: Tips and Tricks for VDA-278 and Other Thermal Desorption – GC/MS Methods Used for Material Emissions Testing


Kurt Thaxton (GERSTEL International Product Manager, Pyrolysis and Thermal Desorption)

You'll learn about the history and analytical basis of analytical thermal extraction for interior air quality, the current state of the art, including tips and advice for scientists and engineers that perform VDA-278 and related methods for material emissions analysis, and where these methods fit in the overall strategy for automotive air quality and where these methods are headed in the future.

The Function of GC Columns


All you need to know about GC columns, key processes involved and high-level description of differences between them.

The Power of GC Detectors

Fundamentals of GC

Want to know more about detectors for GC and when to use them...

The Function of GC Inlets

Fundamentals of GC

This article will cover the general function of GC inlets and describe some common attributes, differences and provide a context for other articles covering inlets in more detail.

Hot Split Injections – Part 1


This article will discuss split injections with a hot split/splitless inlet. This is the most popular inlet and sampling mode for capillary GC. The focus will be on the basic concepts and flow paths.

Hot Split Injections, Part 2 – Sources of Discrimination


Our discussion continues about the process of hot split injection; the most popular form of sample introduction into capillary columns.

Hot Split Injections, Part 3 – Decomposition


Here, we tackle another potential problem of hot split injection: sample decomposition. Decomposition changes the nature of components in the original sample, affecting the “recovery” of target compounds. This in turn introduces errors in analytical results. We will look at common forms of decomposition and the clues your chromatograms might be presenting you that decomposition is happening.

Intelligent GC Systems: 10 Ways to Easy GC


Angela Smith-Henry and Ian Eisele (Agilent, USA)

This webinar introduces a host of useful tips and tricks to streamline your daily workload leading to increased productivity with improved throughput with sample overlap, enabling you to perform easier GC. You will discover steps for high quality, accurate data – first time, every time.

Applications using Thin Film Solid-Phase Microextraction (TF-SPME) with Analysis by Thermal Desorption GC/MS


Jack Stuff, Ph.D. (Manager of the Analytical Services Group - GERSTEL, Inc.)

This webinar focuses on the use of Thin Film Solid-Phase Microextraction (TF-SPME) for the analysis of a variety of sample types. TF-SPME is an extension of regular SPME, is simple to use and requires no solvent, yet is more sensitive than regular SPME due to the increased surface area and phase volume.

Intelligent GC Systems: Work Smarter not Harder


Eric Phillips and Angela Smith-Henry (Agilent, USA)

This webinar introduces intelligent Agilent GC systems, along with consumables, demonstrating how productivity can be increased and downtime decreased for any GC operator at any experience level.

How to Keep your GC/GC-MS System Performing like New


Vanessa Abercrombie and Angela Smith-Henry (Agilent Technologies, USA)

Discover some simple strategies to help maintain a clean and healthy GC(MS) system longer, such as how utilizing guard columns can protect your analytical column and back flushing can stop heavier compounds from reaching your mass spec and keep it cleaner.

High-Purity Carbon Adsorbents for Sample Preparation and Chromatographic Applications


Leidy Peña Duque (Senior Scientist, Particle Design Group) and William Betz (Research Fellow, Particle Design Group Leader)

In this webinar, we will talk about high-purity carbon adsorbents used for sample preparation applications such as gas chromatography, air sampling, SPE, and SPME. We will also explain the properties of different types of carbons and how we tailor these adsorbents for separation applications.

Introduction to GC and Intermediate GC training

Self-paced online training

Analytical Training Solutions

Each course on Analytical Training Solutions has been divided into a number of modules, with each module focusing on one particular aspect of the overall course. The modules have been created in a logical manner, and by starting with the first module and working through them in the order provided creates the best learning environment for the user. In addition, as each course is divided into modules it is then very simple to find a particular section again in the future; for example, if you want a recap on a particular subject.

Elevate the Performance of your GC (and MS): Strategies to Improve Sensitivity and Reliability with Complex Matrix Samples

On-demand webinar

Vanessa Abercrombie and Limian Zhao (Agilent Technologies)

This presentation describes useful strategies such as choosing the right GC column and supplies, as well as what level of sample preparation, and maintenance is required for method reliability and analytical data quality, using challenging representative applications.

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