Understanding GPC/SEC – Unexpected Peak Shapes

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Do you find weird peak shapes in your chromatograms? Not sure if they are real or artifacts?

Tut3_WebThumb_v2.pngSeparation Science, in collaboration with PSS, has developed an on-going series of tutorials looking at best practice and troubleshooting for GPC users. These tutorials are available free of charge requiring just a simple registration process.

The second tutorial in the series, titled 'Unexpected Peak Shapes' provides strategies for understanding peak shapes, and what to do when they don't look as expected.

In this tutorial we'll learn how to verify if a GPC / SEC chromatogram is realistic or not. You will learn why some peak shapes occur, why this happens and how to address these issues to keep your analyses on track.

Topics covered include:

  • typical GPC/SEC chromatograms
  • what should be expected
  • artifact or not?
  • sample preparation issues
  • column issues

To listen to the tutorial click on the button below...

DanielaHeld_New.jpgThe presentation is given by Daniela Held. Daniela studied chemistry at the University of Mainz in Germany. Her PhD work was concerned the  synthesis of branched polyelectrolyts and their analysis using light scattering and viscometry detection. Since 2000 she has been working in the PSS solutions department, and she is also responsible for the company’s education programs and customer training.

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