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Separation Science offers free learning from the experts covering webinars & eSeminars for users of liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample preparation and related analytical techniques.

Featured Webinars & eSeminars

Advances in Forensics & Toxicology eSeminar

27 & 29 November, 2018

Tania A. Sasaki, Alex J. Krotulski, Rafael Venson, Fred Foster, Alberto Salomone & Timothy Fassette

This annual eSeminar will focus on recent methods and applications in forensics and toxicology providing analytical scientists working within forensic, toxicology and related laboratories with updates and guidance on chromatography, mass spectrometry and related methodologies for improved quality and efficiency. Topics to be covered include: • Recombinant glucuronidase enzymes in urine drug testing • Pharmaceutical and drugs of abuse monitoring • Designer drug detection • HF-LPME in bioanalyses • Sample preparation techniques for opioids • Fentanyl and synthetic opioid detection in hair samples • QuEChERS in DUI testing.

New Methods & Applications in Environmental Analysis

On-Demand eSeminar

Lee Marotta (PerkinElmer), Ceara MacInnis (Environment and Climate Change Canada), Carol Meyer (Orsat LLC), Marvin Shaw (University of York, UK)

Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering methods and applications in environmental analysis. This two-session event will provide analytical scientists and laboratory managers/directors working in this field with access to leading techniques, best practice and robust methods from leading scientists in the field.

New Trends, Methods & Applications in Food Safety Analysis

On-Demand eSeminar

Multi-presenter event

Separation Science, in collaboration with PerkinElmer and Waters, has developed an on-demand multi-speaker eSeminar covering trends, methods and applications of analytical techniques in food safety analysis. Presented by Bert Popping (FOCOS, Germany), Ilka Haase (Eurofins Genomics, Germany), Ellen Miseo (Teak Origin, USA), Sara Stead (Waters), Jacqueline van der Wielen (Mars Wrigley Confectionary), Melanie Downs and Philip Johnson (Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Chiara Dall'Asta (University of Parma and European Food Safety Authority) and Alessandro Baldi Talini (PerkinElmer)

Modern Trends, Methods & Applications in Sample Preparation

On-Demand eSeminar

Multi-presenter event

Separation Science, in collaboration with Biotage, has developed a multi-speaker eSeminar covering trends, methods and applications of sample preparation techniques. Presented by Steven J. Lehotay (USDA Agricultural Research Service), Antonio Martín-Esteban (Department of Environment, INIA, Madrid), Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard (School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo), Dan Menasco (Applications Chemist, Biotage), Markus Gershater (Chief Scientific Officer, Synthace).

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